Sunday, February 13, 2011

9/11 Discussion

What do you all think happened with 9/11? Do you believe it was all planned or do you believe it was truly an attack?

I personally think that it was used to start a war and to scare us, the citizens, into believing the Middle East was to be feared.


  1. all I know is that there was another plane which they only talked for about 2 hours and never said anything about it again.

    i think it all a big scam to make profits out of war

  2. I personally i think 9/11 was an inside job to gear the US into going to war so we can be imperialist bastards and get control of the middle east's oil

  3. Really? I think you're all over estimating how much goverment cares about the opinions of its people. Not only is democracy merely a rhetorical legitimisation of the rule of a tiny elite with any actualy mass influence being ignored or marginalised, it is the main strength of the western political system to garner the material benefits of war or conflict while protesting its moral ramifications. for more, see south park 'I'm a little bit country...'